Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

One Year Later

Cheers to a year!


How did The Hive come to be(e)?

The Honeybee Squad literally began after a guest speaker visited our 8 am professional practices class the last semester of our senior year of undergrad at CCAD. The speaker was talking about artist collectives and how he became apart of one. He told us that he and a few of his friends always hung out, talked about art and made stuff. They started calling themselves something, and eventually others starting calling them that something too. It seemed simple enough, finally the opportunity to choose your own nickname. At the end of class Tamrin and I looked at each other thinking the exact same thing, ‘we hang out, we make art, let’s be a collective’.

I had been talking about becoming a honeybee farmer (which has yet to happen) for the majority of our senior year so bees were already on both of our brains. That, alongside the fact that honeybees are a kick ass female dominated species, made calling ourselves The Honeybee Squad an obvious choice. There was literally no discussion about this, it was unanimously and unspokenly decided. From then on, that is how we referred to ourselves, opening the group up to a few other well loved peers and mentors. Everything we posted on instagram (@kaitlynjosmithphoto @rintamlee) we hashtagged #honeybeesquad and #thehive. We called the photo lab at our college The Hive and slowly, but surely, others did too. I clearly remember the first time someone referred to us as ‘the bees’. In a text message to a professor who helped this individual (and us) get into grad school he simply said, “I know the bees have my back”. And he was right, we do.

This blog didn’t actually begin until a month after graduation (almost a year ago today). I found myself alone at a booth in Panera, unemployed, without a lab or studio space and applying for jobs, shows, everything really. For a few months up until that point, Tamrin and I had been discussing starting a travel blog. Both artists, we wanted a place for our travel photographs to live outside of our more conceptual works. In that Panera I figured I had nothing to lose, so I picked a theme and wrote this blog’s first entry. It only made sense to call this new virtual space The Hive as well.

A year later and The Hive is beginning to change and adapt in ways we never originally intended (but are incredibly excited to see). We are sharing more stories from our adventures and lives and not solely imagery. We are reviewing products and sharing our misadventures, trying our hardest to be real, honest, relatable people. We are focusing less on writing journal entries and more on bringing compelling story telling and solid advice to our community.

Another thing we are excited to bring to our readers is an ever evolving group of Guest Bees, incredible ladies we have met along our journey who are making a positive impact to the world around them. We have quite a few wonderful tales from passionate woman in the works that I cannot wait for you to meet (look out for our next guest bee TOMORROW)!

Cheers to a year and thank you to all of our loyal readers who have been here since day one and of course to those of you who have joined somewhere along the way. We are devoted to bringing you inspiring, relevant and insightful content. Be(e) on the lookout for more exciting things to come as we prepare for our next great journey, relocating The Hive to Tucson.

♥ Katie & Tamrin



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