Kaitlyn Jo Smith

To All of the Dads

13255913_10204510828610356_897829486484971223_nRaising girls (or boys) to be strong, independent humans can’t be easy, but I think my father did a pretty darn good job. He has never once made me believe I couldn’t do something, never once said “Do you think that’s a good idea?” to protect me or my pride. I have never been made to feel that my success depended upon another human or that my life couldn’t begin until I found myself a man. My father has undeniably been one of my biggest supporters since day one, cheering me on, believing in me amidst my failures. I was raised to make my own decisions, be my own person, have a good sense of humor and a great sense of adventure. He taught me that all it takes to be cool is to not care what other people think, that cheap beer is the best beer and that dumps are a perfectly acceptable place to find home decor. It was his unyielding faith in me that has caused me to believe in myself. My father is one of the few adults who never told me to set more realistic goals, he knew I could achieve the ones I had, believes I will surpass them even. He accepts me for me, and I am so blessed to have been raised around that amount of love and support.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to all of the other dads who have raised their daughters to believe in themselves and their wildest of dreams.

Check out this post by Tamrin for another great Father’s Day read.


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