Kaitlyn Jo Smith


My hobbies are neither photography nor travel, those two passions compose my life. There are days when I am in full on photographer mode, lugging my Mamiya 645, tripod and dslr around, backpack full of lenses and film. Then there are days when I am a traveler, climbing ten plus miles, loaded down with water and granola. Most days, however, I am some sort of mixture of both. While gear is important, it has proven difficult to traverse to the locations I want to shoot with a 4×5 slung across my back (trust me I’ve tried). For the longest time I was on the search for a small but mighty camera, both for film and digital. Eventually, just before a trip to Ireland in May of 2015, these needs were met. I got a Nikon One Touch for under four bucks at a GoodWill for my color film point and shoot needs and a Sony DSC-RX100M IV Cyber-Shot for my digital ones. I love the way the Nikon handles light and am amazed by the image quality of the Sony. My Cyber-Shot operates in manual and is a great option for the photographer who wants a high quality camera without having to lug around a suitcase of lenses (click on the camera below for more info).

Recently, I was introduced to another incredible camera perfect for people like me: traveling photographers who refuse to give up one for the other. Light is an amazing company offering a crazy good compact camera. I recently found out about their #VantagePoint project where bloggers speak about their favorite photos from their favorite places and what equipment meant to that process and decided to join in the conversation.

I am taking you back to Ireland where I shot both my favorite film and digital image (on the One Touch and Cyber-Shot). Both were made as I was wondering aimlessly through pastures in the countryside, thinking thoughts and singing songs. It was lightweight equipment that made these images possible, because it was lightweight equipment that allowed me to walk the miles necessary to find these two moments worthy of immortalizing. Good quality, portable cameras allowing me to be an adventurer and a photographer rolled up into one. While I am not a gear junkie, I will be the first to admit that it is incredibly important to find the equipment that works best for you and your workflow.

Shot on Sony Cyber-Shot.
Shot on Nikon Once Touch.

I would love to hear about your favorite pictures from your favorite places in the comments below and while you’re online be sure to check out Light.



  1. Some pretty neat pics there… ^_^ Here’s some of mine (just a dandy hobbyist shooting what I can when the mood strikes me or I see something neat, without a specific pro agenda, but, isn’t that the best kind?):


    Can’t wait for the L16 to ship this summer, finally! (Been a long road…)

    For anyone interested in learning more about the Light L16, I think these are some of the best videos / interviews I’ve unearthed to date:

    [audio src="http://maceditionradio.com/sites/default/files/MER_CES_Light%20Camera_Interview_1_16.mp3" /]

    And for keeping up with the latest discussions / rumors / finds, or just chatting about hopes & dreams for the thing:


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  2. I heard about the “Light” camera, looks really interesting. My favourite place recently (last year) has been Riga, Latvia, took my Olympus EPL1 digital and my Olympus XA film camera, they both worked great. I just bought a Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra (what a mouthful) for £1, and it has really surprised me how good it is. :>)


    1. It is a really interesting camera that packs a lot of power in such a small size which is pretty impressive. I have not yet had the opportunity to do much traveling out of the states, but really look forward to the day when I do. Are your photos from Riga anywhere online? I would love to see them if you post a link! As for your Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra, the same thing happened with my One Touch; I LOVE being presently surprised by an abandoned camera.

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