Kaitlyn Jo Smith

Happy Snaps: Asheville

I am in love with Polaroids: the tactile experience of holding an old family photograph in your hands melded perfectly with today’s cultural preferences towards instant gratification. As a film photographer it is the perfect way to to have an image right away, especially knowing I wont be able to develop my rolls of film for several weeks. For the digital photographer, it is a fun way to have an actual picture to hang on the wall (let’s be honest, how many of us actually get our photographs printed these days). A recent resurgence in instant film has made this practice much more affordable than one may think. The instax mini 90 is the camera that was used to shoot all of the happy snaps in this post and is a wonderful instant camera with a good battery life, exposure settings and cool retro vibe (comes in black or brown). Another good, more simplistic option, is the instax mini 8, a great camera that comes in a ton of bright colors and has plenty of cute accessories. Click on the cameras for more info. Happy snapping!

A few happy snaps from last months journey into the mountains.

You can read more about our trip to Asheville here.

And some photos of me courtesy of Tamrin.

Don’t forget you’ll need some film.


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