Tamrin Ingram

On Down the Road We Go

The quintessential road pic is the key cliche image to collect from every adventure. I can’t describe what a good road pic does for my soul. Two parallel lines pulling your eyes through the image, two parallel lines pulling your car down the road, beckoning you forward and forward and forward. It screams wanderlust, adventure lies here, come this way. I know that one could say that once you’ve seen one road pic you’ve seen them all, and rationally I’m aware that no one on Instagram really wants to see a hundredth picture of some road in the middle of nowhere – but an empty road image gets my soul buzzing in an instant. Throw in some clouds and film grain and you’ve got me hooked, I know I’m a sucker and I know I’m probably getting swindled each time I throw down a “like” on someones basic ass road pic, but getting swindled never stopped anyone’s soul from loving something and I’m still going to scream at the driver to let me out of the car every time I come upon the “perfect” stretch of empty road on a trip and I’m still going to jump out, cameras blazing and snap a ridiculous amount of shots, and you can bet that as soon as my film is done developing that’s the image I’m going to be squinting for, film unrolled and negatives strewn about my drivers side seat.

Anyway, here are a few of my road pics from various adventures of the past.


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