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I love being a woman. I love being an artist. I love having opinions and the outlet to voice them. Mostly I love this support system of other woman artists who are just as passionate about their craft as I, who are honest, loving and supportive, who ask why but never how. These ladies believe in my dreams as much as they believe in their own. It is such an honor to be a bee, incredible to follow alongside their creative endeavors.

A few months back we documented a collaborative piece. Six bees went down to the river and baptized one another in the name of art, of photography and of those who came before us. On a brisk Sunday afternoon, late October, we became the film: encased in darkness, exposed to light for the briefest of moments, back into the darkness to be washed before permanently entering the light. Film development is incredibly ritualistic, a baptism of silver. Processing 4×5 requires upwards of forty-five minutes alone in the dark, silence filled with thoughts and the ever-present running water of the darkroom. Film is held captive, protected by darkness, carefully exposed before being concealed once again. This is our nod to our medium; we honor it by becoming it. Like a painter relies on oils and a sculptor clay, a photographer is dependent on darkness and water. We are alchemists, stealing moments, creating something from nothing but light.

We are women. We are artists. We are the film.

Between the six of us we shot 35mm, Mamiya, Diana, Instax, Land Camera and 4×5. Here are just a few selections from my 35mm film. The grand reveal (and hopefully gallery exhibition are to come).

Read Tamrin’s thoughts here.


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