Kaitlyn Jo Smith

I Want to Live

Today’s (here I sit at my desk in this windowless room, dreaming of sunshine) passing thought:


I want to climb that mountain, hike that trail, see that band, drive that truck, adopt that cat, eat that bread, wear that flannel, kiss that boy, take that trip, shoot that whiskey, skinny dip in that river.

I don’t want to save for the future. I don’t want to plan for being seventy. I don’t want to bank on being healthy at retirement (if that’s even a thing that artists get to do). What I want is to live, now, live while I’m young, while I’m healthy, while I’m on my own. Life is way to short to put off living until your eighties. No one’s going to push me in my wheelchair up and down the Appalachian Trail.

I will go, I will see, I will be scared, but I will live fearlessly.

Below are a few images from some recent treks around Ohio. Little adventures everyday, big journeys every chance I get.


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