Book Club with the Honey Bees

It is so good to be a Honeybee.

Crystal Tursich: Fine Art Photographer

BookClub A shot from the first meeting of the Honey Bee Book Club back in May. 

When Spring Semester ended, a group of graduating seniors and I decided that we weren’t ready for our conversations about photography to end. We decided to form a book club, one where we would focus on reading books about or relating to photography and creativity. This can take the form of poetry, memoirs, theory, instructional texts, or even watching documentaries. We’ve met just a few times so far and we don’t function in the same way as a standard book club. We pass books back and forth and each person moves at their own pace. We’ve even added a few people in when we felt it was appropriate but the core of the book club is myself, Lauren, Tamrin, Katie Jo, and Kayla (the same girls from the Vegas trip).


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