Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

4×5 – IX


This was the first scene we captured with the 4×5, I think we ended up using 4 sheets of film on it, it had been over a year since either of us shot with this camera and needless to say we were a little rusty. I remember as we fumbled with the camera we had a moment (one of many) where we looked at each other, slightly dumfounded- laughing, and asked if we actually knew what we were doing.


You are now seeing exactly what I saw the first time I truly felt like an artist. Standing amongst the mountains on a road trip that we weren’t on an assignment for, 4×5 slung over my shoulder and a makeshift dark cloth in hand, this seemed like the real deal, my first grownup art endeavor. Sure it was a little shaky at first. We had driven halfway across America to realize that we might not actually know what we were doing. A few, admittedly dumb, somewhat fatal mistakes and four sheets of film later we captured this image, motivated by the need to preserve it’s majesty. It was after the successful creation of this photograph, eating from a tub of yogurt on the side of the road, that I realized I would be okay. That I wouldn’t stop after graduation (and thus far haven’t), that I would do whatever it takes to be whatever it is that an artist is. The same motivation that put me behind the wheel of a car, with a tool I barely recalled how to use, westward to Colorado is still propelling me forward. I have too much to say and to see to stop before I have even had the chance to begin.

Katie Jo


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