Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

4×5 – VIII



This was from our last full day in Colorado, along a path, somewhere deep within Garden of the Gods. The sky was blue and the ground was orange, in black and white they become a timeless vision of an idealized west.

I had to take this image. It was golden hour, soft sun kissing the rocks, dancing with the shadows of the barren trees. It has always been light that draws me in. This is why I love going on trips with fellow photographers, they get this, and obsess over it with me. I wish you could experience this image in it’s full sized glory, that you too could see just how detailed those thorny bushes are in the background, each individual pebble on the path. This photograph takes my breath away, just as this spot did when I first rounded the corner and saw it. When I look at this picture, there I am, sitting crossed legged in the dirt, bathing in the evening lights warm glow.

Katie Jo

The morning we woke up to drive to Garden of the Gods we spent an hour digging the car out of two feet of snow, and then here on this path we walked barefoot on red dirt under a bright blue sky. At golden hour the Garden of the Gods really catches on fire, the red terrain seems to glow from the inside and the name of the place really seems fitting.



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