Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

4×5 – VI


Every artist/explorer needs a badass portrait, one that captures the places that they’ve been and the things that they’ve done. They need a picture to tuck deep within their memoirs, a marker of youth, of bravery, of discover, of success and of failure. This is that. This is me, twenty-one years old, at the cusp of adulthood, running away, alone for one of the first times. It is a moment of excitement and surprise captured on film and preserved for posterity. This is the record of the unexpected blizzard that kept us from driving south to Florence, a day I will never forget. This is one of the first portraits of me that captures a strong, independent young female. I am proud of the girls in these pictures, even more excited to say that one of them is me.

Katie Jo






I braved the storm about 4 hours before this when it was actually storming, snow was coming down and wind was blowing and I couldn’t see to get to the car but all of our food was in there and I took one for the team, venturing out and coming back with lunch. I’ve never felt wind bite so hard as it did during the blizzard. Katie watched from the balcony, and I scrambled back up the stairs shivering and cursing like a sailor, but we both look like badasses in these post blizzard shots.




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