Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

4×5 – IV


The day before this photograph was made it was 70° and we sat, in tank tops and shorts, on the balcony reading books and sewing buttons. The day this photograph was made we were supposed to drive two hours south into Colorado Springs, which didn’t happen. We awoke to four foot snowdrifts, hidden mountains behind the storm. It was quiet and it was peaceful, I took two bubble baths and ate a steak. Then, just before dusk, we realized that we had to brave the elements, 4×5 in tow, and shoot. We trudged downhill, snow up to our hips, amazed that the Rockies no longer spanned the horizon. This is one of four (maybe five) photographs we made before making our way back to the apartment, throwing off our boots and calling it a night.

Katie Jo

I almost always check the weather, I love sunshine, warmth, and blue skies and during the winter I’m a weather checking fiend, desperately looking for the nearest sign of sunshine. The night before the blizzard for some reason I never even thought to check, every day had been beautiful and warm. When I woke up that morning I could tell that the outside sounds were a little muffled, I rolled over and couldn’t really see out the window but assumed it was fog so I was quite shocked when I got to the window and realized that over a foot of snow had fallen and more was still coming. Not an Ohio native, I’m still astounded whenever we get snow here, but to get over 2 feet of accumulation was much more than shocking and I spent much of the day with my face pressed against the window watching the snow fall.



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