Kaitlyn Jo Smith Tamrin Ingram

4X5 – II

The second of the Colorado 4×5’s.


This was one of the very first images we shot. We pulled off at a little community park just inside of Estes before reaching the National Park. This spot was beautiful yet tame and we decided that an attempt to shoot with the 4×5 should be made before going any deeper into the wild. This photograph took the longest to make, time spent recalling how to operate our machine. When we saw the developed negative we were proud of this first attempt, an image with a beautifully exposed sky. A sky that we exposed before eating a tub of yogurt in the trunk of the Corolla and driving deeper into the mountains.

Katie Jo



I think this was the second image we captured on the 4X5, Katie totally scoped it out while I was busy marveling at the most beautiful pond just in front of it that shimmered like it was made of diamonds. When she finally pulled me over to show me the Volcano-like hill framed between the two pines I quickly agreed that the sky was too perfect to pass up and that we should practice a little more before we got too deep into the mountains. If it sounds like we didn’t know what we were doing, we totally did, we just had to figure out that we knew it first ;D


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