Kaitlyn Jo Smith

We Were Free

After a Spring Break 2016 and a road trip spanning five states taking us to Colorado, Tamrin and I decided to combine our thoughts into one, epic, travel blog. Enjoy!


Three months and three thousand miles later, here is my Colorado diary.

We take on our roles, as driver, as passenger, as navigator and sandwich artist. We pick a spot on the map, fill up our tanks and drive off into the sunset. That week I was the driver, maneuvering my mother’s silver Corolla half way across this great nation – Tamrin was everything else. She opened my water bottles, feed me corn chips dipped in queso, read the map, slept and extracted killer bugs from within our makeshift home. I would especially like to thank her for never once complaining about our frequent reststop breaks – the byproduct of the five plus cups of coffee I consumed on days involving ten plus hours of driving. My father always drove on vacations, after much speculation my mother and I decided it was a pride thing. Every year we would offer to…

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